*Dr Shen is a wonderful, caring practitioner. The initial reason I visited her was quickly resolved, and now I find that the treatments help keep balanced alanced during a time of extra stress. She is also great with children. All 3 of my children have different concerns she has been able to help them with.- Alison Peck
*Dr Shen is a true healer. She is educated, experienced and sensitive. I have recommended her to a large number of people. Each one suffering from a different issue. She has improved so many lives and values her patients. She was extremely supportive and knowledgable in helping me solve my infertility issues. I feel blessed to have found Dr. Shen. She provides a natural solution to so many common health issues. She is a hidden gem.- Tracy Patient since 2010
*After two years of trying to conceive, I sought acupuncture treatment from Dr. Shen. I had been to a few other acupuncturists in the area and did not feel it was effective or worth the money. A friend of mine recommended Dr. Shen and I thought I would give acupuncture one last try. From the moment I met Dr. Shen, I felt she genuinely cared. Her treatments were focused on infertility. I sought treatment prior to beginning In Vitro Fertilization and then throughout IVF treatment. I conceived on my first round of IVF treatment and believe that Dr. Shen's treatment helped. I also continued treatment during my first trimester to treat headaches as well. After every treatment session, my body felt better and more relaxed. Recently, I have given birth to a healthy baby boy and am grateful for Dr. Shen and other medical professionals whom have helped me and my husband achieve our dream of having a child. I highly recommend Dr. Shen and her treatment- Christin
*I have been a patient of Dr. Shen’s for over 15 years. She has a unique talent of assessing the core of a problem and then treating it with measured successes. I have seen her for a wide variety of issues including general stress, sleeping disorders, back pain, muscle relaxation, digestive issues, jet lag and allergies. She has a very kind approach in getting to know her patients. I feel lucky to have Dr. Shen in my life.- Alison
*Dr. Shen’s extensive range of knowledge and many years of hands on experience benefits her patients immensely. Dr. Shen is open minded regarding combining Western Medicine with Acupuncture. She customizes a solution for each patient with many positive outcomes. She has provided a lot of comfort as I deal with my arthritic condition. - Ron
*I can't say enough about how wonderful Dr. Shen is. My initial visit was for pain from my herniated disk. As I kept going for treatment, which by my third visit the pain was gone, the issue of infertility was addressed. I had gone for 3 IVF procedures and none of them worked. In 3 months of treatment with Dr.Shen I was pregnant and delivered a healthy and beautiful baby girl. I can't tell you how Dr.Shen changed my life. I've recommended many people to her and they feel the same way. I'm afraid to think of where I would be if I hadn't gone to her. She's the best!!- Sandra

Disclaimer: *The results vary from person to person.

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