Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine

Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine (use of herbs) as an alternative to conventional methods of treatment-or in conjunction with medical treatment-is rapidly gaining acceptance in this country as more and more people realize the benefits attributed to this ancient Chinese healing therapy.

Progress in the understanding of the science of Acupuncture has reached unprecedented heights among "Western" physicians who now accept the fact that, in conjunction with the techniques of modern medicine, this ancient healing art can offer a synergism to relieve pain and restore the body to good health.

While the use of medicine can be effective and at times even advantageous, Acupuncture can further assist the body's return to health without resorting to the use of foreign substances.

Acupuncture and Chinese medicine view the entire body as a totally dynamic unit in which all of its parts are interconnected via meridians of energy. All parts of the body and mind are considered to be related and supportive of each other. The application of acupuncture to the appropriate meridian point of energy serves to assist the body to achieve its natural balance and internal harmony. This is achieved with the use of delicate, sterile needles, much finer than the traditional hypodermic needle, which are painless during treatment and are often accompanied by electrical impulses to the acupuncture points.

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